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@wh3atth1nz 2
@sbwcws 1
@Briefingcom 1
@ShortAlgoKing 1
@FlashAlert_me 1

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FlashAlert_me @FlashAlert_me
$EDAP [15s. delayed] filed form EFFECT on April 19, 00:15:44 https://t.co/xpjbPTLkAl
April 19th 2021, 10:04am
wh3atth1nz @wh3atth1nz
$EDAP continuing to build out this coil within the larger base. https://t.co/YL2qJtyCqv
April 19th 2021, 2:04am
ShortAlgoKing @ShortAlgoKing
$EDAP And now awaiting for buy signal. https://t.co/XcNJ05QmA3
April 13th 2021, 1:04pm
wh3atth1nz @wh3atth1nz
$EDAP basing. Watching here as it gets relatively tight and quiet after earnings. https://t.co/ZSN5RnQvwv
April 9th 2021, 2:04am
Briefingcom @Briefingcom
$EDAP: EDAP TMS SA files for $125 mln mixed securities shelf offering https://t.co/kJWi5ihffO
April 7th 2021, 11:04pm
sbwcws @sbwcws
EDAP TMS files $125M mixed securities shelf $EDAP
April 7th 2021, 9:04pm
JackarooTradesA @JackarooTradesA
April 6th 2021, 9:04pm
42Stocks @42Stocks
https://t.co/1YBRrqTiae 2021-APR-05 7:20pm $EDAP EDAP TMS up 7.12% = $16.9 million gain. (Apr 02) EDAP TMS S.A. (… https://t.co/DtHHw6cplU
April 5th 2021, 11:04pm
Tag_Bala @Tag_Bala
$EDAP thoughts https://t.co/Tgk7dmGVSa
April 3rd 2021, 4:04pm
SiteFocusHQ @SiteFocusHQ
$EDAP Earnings Intelligence Analysis of recent earnings identified EDAP TMS S.A. (NASDAQ: EDAP ) business focus on… https://t.co/7v3kJ1I50d
April 1st 2021, 6:04pm
StckPro @StckPro
$EDAP NEW ARTICLE : EDAP TMS: A Little Medical Growth Gem https://t.co/vrIX7ggrYm Get all the latest $EDAP related… https://t.co/kQWpRLz3RK
April 1st 2021, 4:04pm
SeekingAlpha @SeekingAlpha
$EDAP - EDAP TMS S.A. 2020 Q4 - Results - Earnings Call Presentation. https://t.co/AfWqagdGRX #stockmarket #stocks #trading
April 1st 2021, 12:04pm
stockhoot @stockhoot
$EDAP HC Wainwright & Co. Maintains to Buy : PT $12.00 https://t.co/z5pKPerd9v
April 1st 2021, 10:04am
SeekingAlpha @SeekingAlpha
$EDAP - EDAP TMS S.A. (EDAP) CEO Marc Oczachowski on Q4 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript.… https://t.co/VsxUD1xlNW
March 31st 2021, 4:03pm
SmallCapsDaily @SmallCapsDaily
$EDAP EDAP TMS SA to Host Earnings Call ACCESSWIRE -8.62% https://t.co/vT7PqXUItS #smallcapsdaily #smallcaps… https://t.co/PYWClmHcLp
March 31st 2021, 3:03pm
StockPods @StockPods
$EDAP Earnings Call Today: 8:30 AM EST Webcast: https://t.co/SpIZI96SrD Signup for the StockPods BETA now: https://t.co/Vma4E2hQ99
March 31st 2021, 11:03am
AccesswireNews @AccesswireNews
$EDAP EDAP TMS SA to Host Earnings Call https://t.co/ZTHfDCRNRr
March 31st 2021, 10:03am
georges88296595 @georges88296595
$EDAP good Q4 EPS a little bit low due to cy exchange loss and R&D higer. Good cash position at end of 2020. Lets wait for conf call
March 31st 2021, 6:03am
CapitalismWorld @CapitalismWorld
$EDAP Q4 record up 28% year-over-year; HIFU revenue up 51% y/o/year Generated €41.7m revenue Profitable full ye… https://t.co/999SBVE4DV
March 30th 2021, 10:03pm
StckPro @StckPro
$EDAP NEW ARTICLE : Recap: Edap TMS Q4 Earnings https://t.co/Zf6WOs0CyZ Get all the latest $EDAP related news here… https://t.co/02xcNb3EHE
March 30th 2021, 9:03pm
kevinjaybe @kevinjaybe
$EDAP EDAP Reports Fourth Quarter 2020 Results and Provides Operational Update https://t.co/30T7YQ2XR1
March 30th 2021, 8:03pm
stock_titan @stock_titan
$EDAP EDAP Reports Fourth Quarter 2020 Results and Provides Operational Update https://t.co/MVfklZEgDq
March 30th 2021, 8:03pm
AlertTrade @AlertTrade
DOWNwithEARNINGS: $EDAP EDAP TMS SA ADS https://t.co/SFkhlUsOhv ? TradeIdeas via ? https://t.co/zWAorADS1w
March 30th 2021, 1:03pm
HaltTrade @HaltTrade
$EDAP the price is up 5.49% since we first alerted at 10:34am EDT. Real-time halt alerts via SMS at… https://t.co/8jG4cj1Rf3
March 29th 2021, 11:03pm
LeeSinTrade1 @LeeSinTrade1
$EDAP Trading is easy with Buy and Short signals displayed on the chart https://t.co/53bvPPO5Jw
March 29th 2021, 8:03pm
ShogunTrade @ShogunTrade
$EDAP Perfect trades delivered on the chart. https://t.co/3BifQ7Spae
March 29th 2021, 7:03pm
astockwatch1 @astockwatch1
ticker symbol $EDAP EDAP TMS SA to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Financial Results on March 30, 2021… https://t.co/vUYdfSGnhf
March 29th 2021, 7:03pm
therealjaycc @therealjaycc
$EDAP Normally I don't play ER, but this consolidation got me saying sheeeesssh LOTTO Play https://t.co/AfpZtS6XxC
March 29th 2021, 6:03pm
BestForexMethod @BestForexMethod
Thanks for $EDAP @international_j I have a watchlist devoted entirely to your calls ? https://t.co/tJvxDthXA8 https://t.co/PrGF0thX1K
March 29th 2021, 5:03pm
CriticCentrist @CriticCentrist
@Pharmdca @Manpree31938145 have you guys looked into $EDAP? Thanks in advance.
March 29th 2021, 5:03pm
BestForexMethod @BestForexMethod
$EDAP load up your watch list with great looking possibilities then just let the trades come to you https://t.co/4GtGpeMdkh
March 29th 2021, 5:03pm
CriticCentrist @CriticCentrist
[email protected] have you looked at $EDAP? It’s spiking before earnings but could be an opportunity to pick up after.… https://t.co/YDosSKu7MK
March 29th 2021, 5:03pm
CapitalJc @CapitalJc
$EDAP Looks good for the next six weeks
March 29th 2021, 5:03pm
CapitalJc @CapitalJc
$EDAP good job longs?
March 29th 2021, 5:03pm
TheStockYogi @TheStockYogi
$EDAP $9.51. Lookin really good here. @el_rico_richie https://t.co/wlflpAm1MX
March 29th 2021, 5:03pm
TheStockYogi @TheStockYogi
$EDAP - Nice flag. Could see a move $9.30 here.
March 29th 2021, 4:03pm
stockwatcherapp @stockwatcherapp
$EDAP is up 12.88% to $9.2
March 29th 2021, 3:03pm
StarvinMargin @StarvinMargin
$EDAP I was wrong about there being no news, if you consider this news. https://t.co/Ug9vclxAHU
March 29th 2021, 3:03pm
PurePowerPicks @PurePowerPicks
Edap Shares Up 16%; Hearing Stock Named New Long Pick From Investor Louis Navellier $EDAP
March 29th 2021, 3:03pm
AlertTrade @AlertTrade
SOCIAL ACTIVITY: $EDAP - EDAP TMS SA ADS https://t.co/I9iUYCNSVm ? TradeIdeas via ? https://t.co/ZgCyz4rX3x
March 29th 2021, 3:03pm
CapitalismWorld @CapitalismWorld
$EDAP up 13% on NO news.... (HIFU) high intensity focused ultrasound procedure approved in the US The Future Is… https://t.co/fc57BJ7nya
March 29th 2021, 3:03pm
StockPyf @StockPyf
Take a look at this Watchlist: $EDAP $YVR #scnDollHiVol DateTime: 2021-03-29 10:48 ET
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
DKobierowski @DKobierowski
$EDAP EDAP is up 17% this morning in anticipation of tomorrow’s earnings release. ??
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
StarvinMargin @StarvinMargin
$EDAP There is no news. Just because this appeared on the #TDAmeritrade platform does not mean it's not a pump and… https://t.co/Uxvdn5Ju0F
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
LargeVoidBot @LargeVoidBot
$EDAP Resumed 10:39:26. Volatility Trading Pause. (Halted: 10:34:26)
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
TraderBJones @TraderBJones
$EDAP stock up only 13% and Halted? What kind of BS is that? https://t.co/VzVCvdSKPn
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
HaltTrade @HaltTrade
$EDAP trade halt (LUDP) was alerted within seconds to our Members with the halt price of $9.29 and volume of 70.53K… https://t.co/2tsZuXbwnS
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
LiquidityNews @LiquidityNews
Trading Halted for $EDAP EDAP TMS SA ADR | at 10:34:26 ET on NASDAQ | Volatility Trading Pause | 2021-03-29
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
InsiderForms @InsiderForms
$EDAP Trading Halted for EDAP TMS SA ADR (EDAP). Halt Reason: VOLATILITY TRADING PAUSE. Resumption Quote Time: 10:3… https://t.co/ihU98eYZjh
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm
Inbar772 @Inbar772
$EDAP Spike up 14% and is halted. https://t.co/wYGnuCQcPK
March 29th 2021, 2:03pm

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