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Profile for Kite Pharma, Inc. (KITE)

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robertinsydney @robertinsydney
But for someone who bought $Kite https://t.co/NruM2ddc9o
May 22nd 2020, 6:05pm
AdamSinger @AdamSinger
@lbblazej @biosleuth Rather be lucky than good same deal when I was holding $kite who knew it would be bought
May 16th 2020, 2:05pm
AdamSinger @AdamSinger
@TonesHyus @JoshSadlock Depends which ones. Glad held onto a few like $kite that got bought for big. No one said it's easy.
May 12th 2020, 6:05pm
BursatilBiotech @BursatilBiotech
@bradloncar Awwwww, that's beautiful news!! Long live, king $KITE @Arie_Belldegrun ? https://t.co/wHTUDTOuwb
May 12th 2020, 5:05pm
Gambiste1 @Gambiste1
RT @Biotech2k1: @bigpharmaguy $ALLO has the old $KITE management. They know how to develop and sell a winning biotech company. They just ne…
May 11th 2020, 2:05pm
Biotech2k1 @Biotech2k1
@bigpharmaguy $ALLO has the old $KITE management. They know how to develop and sell a winning biotech company. They… https://t.co/MTivygkUsk
May 11th 2020, 10:05am
egelandd @egelandd
@Biohazard3737 Yup- and they had a leadership team that was a complete mess. Lots learned from $kite deal too- bigg… https://t.co/hSx5UXRB4G
May 5th 2020, 11:05pm
biotequity @biotequity
@TedKalem @MaxJacobsEdison Zillionaire post $kite
May 4th 2020, 5:05pm
_B_I_O_T_E_C_H_ @_B_I_O_T_E_C_H_
@DrPaulyDeSantis @JacobPlieth $KITE will have to speed up the allogeneic version KITE-037 now
April 17th 2020, 2:04pm
BursatilBiotech @BursatilBiotech
Do you remember when ppl were harrassing $GILD w/BO Qs a few yrs back? Buying $KITE wasnt as helpful as they expect… https://t.co/ezlyp5YJ3K
April 16th 2020, 9:04pm
gideonpISR @gideonpISR
$BLCM, #Bellicum - they had better days. I must admit that I thought that their future would be the same as $KITE… https://t.co/Xosyb9Wzkf
April 15th 2020, 7:04am
BiotechTo @BiotechTo
the $KITE acquisition continues to be such a winner https://t.co/KIf9DPaZub
April 10th 2020, 3:04pm
StockTipRobot @StockTipRobot
Buy! Sell! No buy! On second thought, sell! Actually just avoid Kite Pharma $KITE #ProTip
April 8th 2020, 6:04pm
sesiegler @sesiegler
KRAS TCR (NIH reference # E-028-2015): Nov. 18, 2015: KRAS TCR on $KITE pipeline Aug. 17, 2016: FR Doc. No. 2016-… https://t.co/JULdqiLVbI
April 6th 2020, 4:04pm
sesiegler @sesiegler
human CD19 CAR (NIH reference # E-042-2014): June 2, 2015: huCD19 is on $KITE pipeline June 22, 2015: FR Doc. #… https://t.co/o8A0QUCHWO
April 6th 2020, 4:04pm
crusadarns @crusadarns
RT @ZacksResearch: On this week's Friday Finish Line, the hosts talk to @bradloncar about biotech's busy week. $GILD $KITE Listen now: http…
April 6th 2020, 3:04pm
@PersimmonTI Some say $GILD ‘s $KITE acquisition already has them covered in this area of treatment. Why do you thi… https://t.co/zgZNQiYNes
April 6th 2020, 12:04pm
stb8444 @stb8444
Anyone know how the prior ceo of $kite is going with #Covid_19 positive test. Hope he recovers
March 28th 2020, 4:03am
dhovekamp42 @dhovekamp42
RT @BursatilBiotech: Get well soon, King $KITE! This market needs you, @Arie_Belldegrun ? https://t.co/EwMj2KipBn
March 14th 2020, 8:03pm
BursatilBiotech @BursatilBiotech
Get well soon, King $KITE! This market needs you, @Arie_Belldegrun ? https://t.co/EwMj2KipBn
March 14th 2020, 3:03am
lblegend33 @lblegend33
@brendan_49 What do u think $kite would be at if $gild didn’t buy them? ?
March 13th 2020, 1:03pm
PresyFelix @PresyFelix
@_don_sparrow Hi $Kite, thanks for the tip
March 5th 2020, 3:03am
jianguangchen @jianguangchen
Buying $KITE is a mistake for $GILD. Instead of admitting mistake and cutting loss, the management just pile on m… https://t.co/MHu9QJf32w
March 2nd 2020, 12:03pm
RCR52 @RCR52
@OnlyBios It's a great move for $Gild they paid less then 5 billion for a company with a Huge pipeline. They will compliment $Kite
March 2nd 2020, 7:03am
jeromeleonard5 @jeromeleonard5
@OnlyBios After paying 11B for $kite, at least it's an improvement
March 2nd 2020, 7:03am
RiddaKilla76 @RiddaKilla76
@ag76_biotech $SGMO wants that $KITE type money and less large pharmas are willing to pay up at the moment. But it’s coming.
February 27th 2020, 11:02pm
sunrgu @sunrgu
@zbiotech This will be another mistake like $KITE
February 27th 2020, 4:02pm

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