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Profile for La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (LJPC)

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@intratio 2
@InsiderAlerts4U 1
@HealthcareBeat 1
@AmericanBanking 1
@Russz7151 1

Recent Tweets for LJPC

intratio @intratio
$LJPC https://t.co/kulB5PXjyo La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. The algorithm judges the market value of this company wil… https://t.co/Q3kQMuMx52
October 26th 2020, 2:10pm
SwingTradeBot @SwingTradeBot
Rose Above 50 DMA today: $LJPC $ECH ... https://t.co/qwiJH6vr1O
October 21st 2020, 3:10pm
AmericanBanking @AmericanBanking
Zacks: Brokerages Expect La Jolla Pharmaceutical $LJPC to Announce -$0.74 Earnings Per Share https://t.co/lQoDZRYiX9 #stocks
October 21st 2020, 7:10am
intratio @intratio
$LJPC https://t.co/kulB5PFIGQ La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. The AI calculated this equity value has an undetermined s… https://t.co/uo0MqUCmHm
October 20th 2020, 8:10pm
InsiderAlerts4U @InsiderAlerts4U
$LJPC: New Insider Filing on LA JOLLA PHARMACEUTICAL CO's Chief Financial Officer MICHAEL S HEARNE: https://t.co/WEfQufeHXj
October 19th 2020, 10:10pm
FlashAlert_me @FlashAlert_me
$LJPC [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Chief Financial Officer Hearne Michael S: Granted 169 of Common Stock at pr… https://t.co/Hi0JOdC7DY
October 19th 2020, 9:10pm
ChartMill @ChartMill
$LJPC was analyzed by 3 analysts. The buy consensus is at 87%. So analysts seem to be very confident about $LJPC.… https://t.co/UWYH6GMPzK
October 18th 2020, 6:10pm
42Stocks @42Stocks
https://t.co/xCO0hR0dqt 2020-OCT-16 7:15pm $LJPC #LaJollaPharma La Jolla Pharmaceutical up 4.6% = $5 million gain.… https://t.co/1SQ9SLiVg6
October 16th 2020, 7:10pm
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC It’s gonna make a big move up eventually.
October 16th 2020, 3:10pm
HealthcareBeat @HealthcareBeat
Form 8-K/A (current report, item 9.01) filed with the SEC $LJPC https://t.co/NfizXVFkN0
October 14th 2020, 4:10am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC I’m no accountant but that looks like almost triple the amount of revenue and a significant less loss than sa… https://t.co/5ZMWQUQCI5
October 13th 2020, 5:10pm
newsfilterio @newsfilterio
Form 8-K/A (current report, item 9.01) filed with the SEC $LJPC https://t.co/YlrBDli9zO
October 13th 2020, 4:10pm
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC After hours or before open ? Either way today’s the day. They finally have to PR something ? I feel like the… https://t.co/HBzvztthJm
October 13th 2020, 6:10am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC come on Tang
October 12th 2020, 2:10pm
be4_the_herd @be4_the_herd
Love $LJPC here. Loaded around $4
October 12th 2020, 12:10pm
jonnycashcoach @jonnycashcoach
$LJPC solid 10%+ move here, I’ll take these gains all day! You can either create the life you want or be a passive… https://t.co/RfLRyQAckd
October 8th 2020, 6:10am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$ACRX will be paying $LJPC to help promote their drug Dsuvia. Interesting ?
October 7th 2020, 7:10am
MaisaCorp @MaisaCorp
$LJPC Acelrx Pharmaceuticals Enters Into A Promotion Agreement With La Jolla Pharmaceutical $LJPC LA JOLLA TO DET… https://t.co/2EViF4cGEZ
October 6th 2020, 5:10pm
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC Interesting day here. Was this their last ditch effort to hold it down? Or am I delusional? We’re gonna know for sure soon
October 5th 2020, 5:10pm
Russz7151 @Russz7151
@FadG The new guy taking over is from $TTPH ....old guy who is terminated is from $LJPC in California. I’m convince… https://t.co/ALKxrM4qr8
October 3rd 2020, 12:10pm
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC Wow my order filled this morning! Maybe I should tweet trump and tell him about this antibiotic that can also treat COVID?
October 2nd 2020, 10:10am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC Just checking in. I wonder if our antibiotic cures COVID? Trial is still ongoing
October 1st 2020, 4:10pm
ChartMill @ChartMill
The technical rating of $LJPC is bad and it also does not present a quality setup at the moment.… https://t.co/1Mx4fNvRJR
September 30th 2020, 11:09pm
jonnycashcoach @jonnycashcoach
$LJPC adding back here @ 3.85, swing idea for 4.50+ ?
September 29th 2020, 6:09am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC Next week
September 25th 2020, 3:09pm
ChartMill @ChartMill
$LJPC has a poor technical rating and the quality of the setup is also not perfect at the moment.… https://t.co/HlleMSlLsr
September 25th 2020, 9:09am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC Fine I’ll buy more then ?????
September 24th 2020, 10:09am
Danielbiotechh @Danielbiotechh
$LJPC 4$ is the time to starting to look at ???
September 23rd 2020, 10:09am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC Look at all these suckers who believe in Tang! I can’t believe they would buy this company! I mean some nothi… https://t.co/fhGApZdCwK
September 22nd 2020, 8:09am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC One day I’ll wake up and check the news and there will be an update on what the hell the Tang gang is plannin… https://t.co/bks6C9kWtA
September 21st 2020, 7:09am
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC Loaded some more shares into my total today. Thanks sellers ?
September 18th 2020, 5:09pm
bioswingtrade1 @bioswingtrade1
I will be out of $ljpc slowly today breakeven, no significant volume here
September 18th 2020, 9:09am
PJMatlock4 @PJMatlock4
RT @PJ_Matlock: $LJPC I think we fill the gap on this one with a swing. 6.50 area. Chart history shows it loves to fill gaps.
September 18th 2020, 7:09am
InsiderPurchase @InsiderPurchase
$LJPC - La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co #LaJollaPharmaceutical Ramsay David A (Dir) purchases +47,000 shares for $187,45… https://t.co/YdUxgub9Ru
September 18th 2020, 5:09am
InsiderAlerts4U @InsiderAlerts4U
$LJPC: New Insider Filing on LA JOLLA PHARMACEUTICAL CO's Chief Medical Officer LAKHMIR S CHAWLA: https://t.co/tkZgrlrky5
September 17th 2020, 9:09pm
Russz7151 @Russz7151
$LJPC CMO is stepping down but he’s buying shares ? Hmmmmm
September 17th 2020, 5:09pm
FlashAlert_me @FlashAlert_me
$LJPC [15s. delayed] filed form 8-K on September 17, 16:06:22: Item5.02: Departure of Election 0f Officers or Compe… https://t.co/zns6bYUyqS
September 17th 2020, 4:09pm
TopStockAlerts1 @TopStockAlerts1
$LJPC solid swing here. Congrats to all banking hard!
September 17th 2020, 7:09am
coinwhoure @coinwhoure
RT @HealthcareBeat: Form SC 13D/A (general statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership) filed with the SEC $LJPC https://t.co/liSgQUsI…
September 16th 2020, 7:09pm
BuyOnStrength @BuyOnStrength
$LJPC off we go https://t.co/2WuLVx5J2G
September 16th 2020, 7:09pm
kjacks1492 @kjacks1492
@TrendSpider $LJPC please
September 16th 2020, 6:09pm
bioswingtrade1 @bioswingtrade1
$LJPC another one to buy if we get any technical pullback.. director Tang/10% owner has been buying millions worth of stock
September 16th 2020, 6:09pm
JonECash5 @JonECash5
$LJPC MACD and RSI trying to calm down and reset for that second run!
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm
bakhruzdupkbi @bakhruzdupkbi
RT @Steam_Sports: $LJPC trading like news is on the way.
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm
Steam_Sports @Steam_Sports
$LJPC trading like news is on the way.
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm
joshfredrick34 @joshfredrick34
$LJPC to the moon??
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm
llfigureitout @llfigureitout
@realwillmeade $LJPC breakout. Huge insider buying back in August
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm
joshfredrick34 @joshfredrick34
RT @3Stocksaday: $LJPC ALERTED 20 min ago... this could be AN AH RUNNER..! Holding
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm
3Stocksaday @3Stocksaday
$LJPC ALERTED 20 min ago... this could be AN AH RUNNER..! Holding https://t.co/fQf9XKuNlw
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm
JonECash5 @JonECash5
$LJPC huge breakout point!
September 16th 2020, 3:09pm

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