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Profile for Semler Scientific, Inc. (SMLR)

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Most Active Tweeters for SMLR

@Shitco_investor 6
@BeatNRaise 6
@Alex__Pitti 5
@DiogoPrnt 2
@ArcticFoxCap 2

Recent Tweets for SMLR

PaulTorresCohen @PaulTorresCohen
Paul Torres-Cohen $SMLR
January 25th 2022, 4:01pm
DiogoPrnt @DiogoPrnt
looking at $SMLR
January 25th 2022, 3:01pm
DiogoPrnt @DiogoPrnt
What are some ideas that are becoming attractive right now? $SMLR
January 25th 2022, 3:01pm
CbKinvestment @CbKinvestment
@ApparentlyLeft $CTRE & $SMLR are looking kinda interesting
January 25th 2022, 12:01pm
adlunam_capital @adlunam_capital
Got some $SMLR at $75. A small quantity but starting to nibble here. Time will tell how this goes...
January 24th 2022, 7:01pm
Alex__Pitti @Alex__Pitti
What was your best buy at the low today? I nibbled at some $smlr and bought even more $stxs.
January 24th 2022, 6:01pm
Shitco_investor @Shitco_investor
I added a small bit of $SMLR and $SPOT today on margin.
January 24th 2022, 5:01pm
StckPro @StckPro
$SMLR NEW ARTICLE : B.Riley Financial Reaffirms Their Buy Rating on Semler Scientific (SMLR)… https://t.co/QrETtvkKFs
January 24th 2022, 8:01am
InsiderAlerts4U @InsiderAlerts4U
$SMLR: New Insider Filing on Semler Scientific, Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer DOUGLAS MURPHY-CHUTORIAN: https://t.co/mOkWl1Ddbr
January 22nd 2022, 2:01am
FlashAlert_me @FlashAlert_me
$SMLR [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Chief Executive Officer Murphy-Chutorian Douglas: Disposed 2,000 of Common… https://t.co/Z9qWuLgGAd
January 22nd 2022, 1:01am
BenFranksAltEgo @BenFranksAltEgo
@marketplunger1 $SMLR in 70s. Fair value is around $125 Gross margins in the 90s with a bunch of fat PAD patients… https://t.co/N7aMaW0ywu
January 22nd 2022, 1:01am
Alex__Pitti @Alex__Pitti
@RandolphDuke7 dear god. why are you coming for my stocks in my time of need? ??? $SMLR $STXS
January 21st 2022, 9:01pm
ArcticFoxCap @ArcticFoxCap
@AKWilk $SMLR. Rev pulled forward, but TAM remains.
January 21st 2022, 5:01pm
Alex__Pitti @Alex__Pitti
@SleepwellCap $smlr is down 50% on 1 bad qtr due to covid
January 21st 2022, 7:01am
Alex__Pitti @Alex__Pitti
@trengriffin Tren. Can you analyze Semler for us? I think you'll like it. $smlr
January 21st 2022, 4:01am
Shitco_investor @Shitco_investor
@Alex__Pitti @rsosa8 $SMLR trading at $75 AH ... I haven't used margin too much but I think I will tomorrow
January 21st 2022, 12:01am
Shitco_investor @Shitco_investor
@DakotasTwits MYO holding up nicely, wish I had bought that instead of $SMLR lol
January 20th 2022, 10:01pm
BeatNRaise @BeatNRaise
@Alex__Pitti The power and influence of other large corporations getting hurt, could be a major risk. IMO $SMLR has to get bigger, fast.
January 20th 2022, 3:01pm
BeatNRaise @BeatNRaise
@Alex__Pitti What is the biggest risk to $Smlr? Few customers? Competition/influence from very large companies?
January 20th 2022, 2:01pm
Alex__Pitti @Alex__Pitti
the bargain of the year $smlr https://t.co/7mWzgzayZ8
January 20th 2022, 7:01am
bruin0927 @bruin0927
@LeveredB Not exactly in the same vein, but have you looked at $SMLR? FWIW, I know aravt started a position here.… https://t.co/1DpuX97XAD
January 19th 2022, 11:01pm
BeatNRaise @BeatNRaise
$SMLR From the looks of it https://t.co/0EZUir5a9K https://t.co/GOJpyYz841
January 19th 2022, 8:01pm
BeatNRaise @BeatNRaise
Who is selling Semler Scientific $SMLR insiders? every big green volume bar is met by an even larger red volume bar!
January 19th 2022, 8:01pm
BeatNRaise @BeatNRaise
Semler Scientific $SMLR this is a tough nut to crack very tiny company very vulnerable to large forces they mus… https://t.co/RpuPaHlWAe
January 19th 2022, 6:01pm
BeatNRaise @BeatNRaise
Everyone on fintwit keeps buying Semler Scientific $SMLR and it keeps going lower.
January 19th 2022, 5:01pm
InsiderForms @InsiderForms
ADIRONDACK RETIREMENT SPECIALISTS INC.,has filed Form 13F for Q4 2021.Opened NEW positions in $MSFT $SMLR Try Insi… https://t.co/CVXC9ehZ6J
January 19th 2022, 5:01pm
ArcticFoxCap @ArcticFoxCap
@junkbondinvest Smaller than what you're looking for at a $500M mrkt cap currently, but I'm a big fan of $SMLR. 90%… https://t.co/cHxvFxtjBg
January 18th 2022, 6:01pm
Shitco_investor @Shitco_investor
All my $smlr limit orders hit what a bloodbath
January 18th 2022, 6:01pm
xianren88338098 @xianren88338098
RT @DakotasTwits: @amazonholder1 $smlr may end up there if it doesn't stop bleeding. Fastest & cheapest way to accurately test for peripher…
January 18th 2022, 5:01pm
DakotasTwits @DakotasTwits
@amazonholder1 $smlr may end up there if it doesn't stop bleeding. Fastest & cheapest way to accurately test for pe… https://t.co/9eTuh3tt7P
January 18th 2022, 4:01pm
Shitco_investor @Shitco_investor
Us $smlr bag holders need a special twitter support group
January 18th 2022, 4:01pm
kwhenfinance @kwhenfinance
Semler Scientific Inc Shares Close in on 52-Week Low - Market Mover https://t.co/ze5tFV3uJn $SMLR #stockmarket #kwhenfinance
January 15th 2022, 10:01am
hisbanterness @hisbanterness
$INMD and $SMLR very fast approaching the buy zone. https://t.co/56VvCv8YFv
January 14th 2022, 10:01pm
Shitco_investor @Shitco_investor
Picking up bits of $smlr and $yolo all day here leeeeeeroy jeeeeeeenkins
January 14th 2022, 6:01pm
Mattfunky2 @Mattfunky2
@DakotasTwits $SMLR is one I've been meaning to look into
January 14th 2022, 3:01am
HannibalSector @HannibalSector
@Alex__Pitti @guydavisvalue $smlr is the most expensive stock in my portfolio by far!
January 14th 2022, 12:01am
TeohTeikHooi @TeohTeikHooi
$SMLR. A steady compounder. Should also take note of the new product. Signed the license deal with a customer bas… https://t.co/o2QMSp4oyX
January 13th 2022, 4:01pm
manuelbean @manuelbean
$SMLR Semler's 2nd largest client Signify Health attesting to the seasonality of the business. H1 is typically bett… https://t.co/sQJeaQTmfQ
January 12th 2022, 10:01pm
vtmtrading @vtmtrading
Semler Scientific management to meet virtually with B. Riley $SMLR
January 12th 2022, 3:01pm
TeohTeikHooi @TeohTeikHooi
$SMLR, something is cooking and it is on the way
January 12th 2022, 12:01pm
InaTailHedged @InaTailHedged
@Alex__Pitti @Shitco_investor Why is $SMLR a smaller position when it's the best company you've ever seen?
January 12th 2022, 2:01am
Alex__Pitti @Alex__Pitti
Great video on $smlr https://t.co/ojDSKgIsTz
January 10th 2022, 8:01pm
LukeWolgram @LukeWolgram
$SMLR found a bid ?
January 10th 2022, 8:01pm
stonkssbot @stonkssbot
RT @SeekingAlpha: $SMLR - Semler Scientific: A Lot Of Negativity Priced In (Video). https://t.co/coy4MO7bgJ #trading #stocks #business
January 10th 2022, 8:01pm
SeekingAlpha @SeekingAlpha
$SMLR - Semler Scientific: A Lot Of Negativity Priced In (Video). https://t.co/coy4MO7bgJ #trading #stocks #business
January 10th 2022, 8:01pm
Alex__Pitti @Alex__Pitti
@guydavisvalue @HannibalSector Like i said, im spending my time on individual names. $smlr is dirt cheap
January 10th 2022, 6:01pm
manuelbean @manuelbean
$SMLR 30% revenue growth (on a bad quarter) 93% gross margin 40% operating margin 220% ROIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… https://t.co/ejv9uUYE9L
January 10th 2022, 2:01pm
manuelbean @manuelbean
$SMLR That moment when you're liking everything you see, but then the company has a worse-than-expected 3rd quarter… https://t.co/EpJVnQgboB
January 10th 2022, 11:01am
StockZombie @StockZombie
@medtechmd First time I though maybe $SMLR or $NARI
January 9th 2022, 12:01am
MoS_Investing @MoS_Investing
@cloneinvestor i think you mean $smlr and yes
January 8th 2022, 11:01pm

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